Parish Council Meeting in Meldreth

We attended the Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting this evening, along with the BBC and pretty much every person in Whaddon and Meldreth plus a number from Kneesworth, Bassingbourn, Orwell, Shepreth and Melbourn. A few things struck home:

  1. The Showmen and Settled Communities in Meldreth are well integrated and co-habit to mutual benefit
  2. While none of the South Cambs District Council seems to remember what it was like to have an uncontrollable Gypsy / Traveller site at Mettle Hill – the local people do and they are genuinely terrified
  3. The Showmen and Gypsy / Traveller communities are distinct and incompatible
  4. Opening Mettle Hill as a Gypsy / Travellersite will lead to the Showmen leaving immediately, probably to an illegal site elsewhere in South Cambs
  5. The Showmen abandoning their pitches will have no option to sell-up. The likely buyers would be Gypsy / Travellers.

So you’ll have a settled and integrated minority displaced and their human rights ignored, to be replaced by a Gypsy / Traveller site which has the potential for being illegally expanded.

Dale Farm II anyone?

About kneesworthcommunitygroup

Kneesworth Community Group was formed in January 2011 so that the interests of the residents of Kneesworth would be heard during the consultation on the suggested Traveller site adjacent to the A1198.
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3 Responses to Parish Council Meeting in Meldreth

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a neighbour of the Showman’s Guild sites, it is truly a pleasure and a privilege to live along side this community, they are respectful and the deeply care about the people they live alongside. SCDC have had previously two attempts at running this site at our expense and now they are trying for a third time again at our expense. The showman’s Guild clearly know how to manage and run these sites without a burden on the public so to me the choice is clear, the Showman’s Guild should be given the opportunity to remove the threat of another SCDC disaster forever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The showman site is safe, clean and the people are lovely and fully integrated and a welcome part of our community. We don’t want them to leave and more notice should be taken of their views as it’ll affect them much more than anyone else. Come on, look after what we’ve got. The balance is perfect. Don’t tip it.

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