Postponement on vote for Mettle Hill

By delaying the vote on Whaddon and Mettle Hill until the 10th January, there is an opportunity for the Parish Council to come up with alternative plans for the site (at least in the case of Mettle Hill). But it does leave our area of Cambridgeshire for the third year running, not knowing if there will be an unnecessary and inappropriate development our doorstep.

Since Mettle Hill closed for the second time 15 years ago, this area has seen peaceful integration and co-existence between the settled and traveller communities. The ratios and densities are higher than the national average – but it works.

We need from South Cambridgeshire District Council a clear statement (preferably at their full council meeting on the 22nd November) that the local parishes accommodate more of their fair-share of pitches and that their ongoing search for sites should be limited to areas that currently host a below average number of pitches.

And why not start with Cllr Howell’s constituency?

About kneesworthcommunitygroup

Kneesworth Community Group was formed in January 2011 so that the interests of the residents of Kneesworth would be heard during the consultation on the suggested Traveller site adjacent to the A1198.
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3 Responses to Postponement on vote for Mettle Hill

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agreed………. send them round Howell’s house………..He can then manage them on his own doorstep and not spend taxpayers money travelling to S Cambs to manage it in person…..better not put his home address on twitter though????????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Defeat of the Mettle Hill proposal does not make the problem go away, merely move the target. Our target should be a reduction of sites in the District, and that the defacto policy of the two hot spots at Wiilingham and Meldreth be changed.

    There is no point in delaying effort until January, action needs to be taken now to change SCDC’s decision making process, and the Conservative Party’s practical implementation of their ‘Big Society concept’.

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