61 Old North Road – Planning Application Submitted

Further to the posts earlier in the year about the use of 61 Old North Road being used for patients. In late January Kneesworth House Hospital submitted a planning proposal to return the property to residential use for their staff. You can see the details by entering the reference S/2594/12/FL here.

There is less than a week (up to the 18th Feb) till the deadline for submissions by residents, so if you wish to comment, then you don’t have long.

The returning of 61 ONR to residential use is a welcome move and the Kneesworth Community Group are submitting a response, making the following points:

  • No objection to the use being changed to residential
  • No 61 should never be used by patients in any circumstances (as resident or guests), only for paid staff members of Kneesworth House Hospital
  • The house is owned by Partnership in Care, but it is not in the Hospital grounds – it is part of the community in Kneesworth.

If you agree with the points above, please respond individually to the Planning application (via the link above) – the more responses we have, the greater  weighting the community’s views will have.

About kneesworthcommunitygroup

Kneesworth Community Group was formed in January 2011 so that the interests of the residents of Kneesworth would be heard during the consultation on the suggested Traveller site adjacent to the A1198.
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